Raventós i Blanc – Why we didn’t accept the invitation to join Corpinnat

11th May 2018

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At the beginning of the year, two winemakers who represent two of the founding wineries of Corpinnat, and in the name of said association, invited Raventós i Blanc to become a founding member.

Raventós i Blanc is a winery that sets a benchmark in the creation of sparkling wine in Spain and is a point of reference worldwide for its working methods which have reinstated the Wine Producing Farm of the 15th Century, committed to producing sparkling wine exclusively since 2015. The reasons why Raventós i Blanc has decided not to enter this “collective brand” are the following:

• We do not consider that there is a desire nor a clear and explicit vision to fight for and work towards a new Denomination of Origin. Corpinnat is presented as a collective brand; as such, its sole purpose is its brand, as can be seen in the Statutes of the Association and the Regulations regarding the Use of the Brand. In neither of these documents is the desire to create a DO mentioned.

• The association is formed by a group of wineries within the DO Cava. One of many similar collaborations or groups that have been formed over the last few years – always within the DO itself –, we can recall “caves singulars” (unique caves) the Cava SME; or the very recent rating of “cava de paraje calificado” (cavas from a qualified location). And don’t also forget the UE Collective brand created 25 years ago called “vinya-celler-masia” (vineyard-cellar-house) which central element was and still is to have own vineyards – not required at Corpinnat.

• At Raventós i Blanc we are convinced of the potential of our region, and the importance of defending it based on certain common requirements of viticulture; strict and firm requirements. Defending it and positioning it in the world: we have had to make sacrifices in order to achieve this. For this reason, in November 2012, Raventós i Blanc decided to leave the DO CAVA, considering that such a designation of origin did not represent the interests nor the future dream of a denomination based on wine-growing criteria; and not on method. The first thing that Raventós i
Blanc did was to abandon the word CAVA. With all the risks and the numerous unknowns that faced us. We had to start afresh. Conca de riu Anoia could not be a subsection within CAVA, because this would mean that it would never fulfil the dream for which it was created.

• Starting afresh requires decisiveness, bravery and a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

• Let us not forget that the requirements of the “collective brand” are less strict than those that Raventós i Blanc imposes on itself for Conca del Riu Anoia. Attached are the requirements for Conca; alongside these we indicate those which differ significantly from Corpinnat.

100% estate produced and estate bottled.
100% vinification vin clairet and base wine for sparkling wine.
Minimum 80% of own vineyards. At Corpinnat it is permissible not to have one’s own vineyards; 75% can be leased provided there is a minimum 3 year contract.
At Raventós i Blanc the average price for the 2017 vintage was 0.70 € / kg. Corpinnat expects to reach this price in 2021.
100% autochthonous grape varieties in all cupages. Foreign varieties are allowed at Corpinnat.
100% organic and biodynamic viticulture. At Corpinnat the transitional arrangement means that grapes from vineyards not grown organically are allowed during the first three years.
Minimum aging 18 months. At Corpinnat 6 months from the implementation of the regulations: 12 months minimum ageing for all; 6-12 months: 15 months minimum ageing; after one year: 18 months minimum ageing for all.
Always vintage, nature comes first. This is not a requirement at Corpinnat. The vintage is not important.
Area of origin: geographically limited to Anoia River Valley.

• At Raventós i Blanc we believe in the Conca del Riu Anoia; as a future DO. And we will continue working to achieve it, talking with other sparkling wine winemakers from the area or waiting for future generations if necessary, until the Conca del Riu Anoia identifies an area of denomination of origin, a specific geographical area for the production of sparkling wine.

We are the only winery that exclusively produces sparkling wine following the Champagne model of “recóltant manipulant”.

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