Recently Disgorged RD

12th July 2015

Visiting our wine shop gives you the opportunity to purchase recently disgorged sparkling wines usually a month or a couple of weeks on the cork- fresh, fruity and lively.

Recently disgorged, RD is a term coined by Madame Bollinger in Champagne in the 1960’s and is very popular in Europe where larger Champagne houses are not as capable as smaller grower wineries.

Briefly, disgorging or degourgement is the act of removing the yeast from the bottle, adding a dosage of wine and sugar to balance natural acidity and corking the bottle. Like smaller Champagne houses we are able to disgorge in small batches and have a small radius of distribution, compared to larger ones that have equipment to process large numbers of bottles and then ship to all points of the globe, ageing on the cork for many years.

Bubbly ages like a white wine after the yeast is removed, fresh, fruity, vital style in the first several months and rich and biscuit after one or more years. Look at the cork next time you open it – if it maintains that mushroom shape from being in the bottle, it’s been a long time and if not, it’s RD.

Shared by Bruce Ewert

Glass of Bubbly

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