Reims: A haven for Champagne, History and Culture

10th February 2017


Whether you’re a Champagne enthusiast or just a curious traveller, the Champagne region is an incredible, historic and beautiful place to see.

Reims and Epernay are considered the commercial centres of the Champagne region, despite neither technically being the capital – which is in fact Châlons-en-Champagne, just south of Reims.

There’s so much to see around the region, even just Reims itself makes for a fantastic visit. It also offers great access to the rest of the surrounding areas full of vineyards and famous Champagne houses.

It’s a great place for couples, friends or families to visit, with plenty of sights to see and things to do. If you decide to stay in Reims, we recommend renting a car so you can explore the beauty of the region as much as possible. So where should you visit?

Vineyards and Champagne Houses
Of course the thing the region is most famous for is Champagne. There are many famous Champagne houses within reach, including La Maison Mumm, Champagne Pommery, Ruinart, Lanson and Taittinger. Don’t forget the many smaller Champagne houses, packed with charm and always happy to welcome guests. Most Champagne houses offer tours, so be sure to check ahead.

The city centre
The centre of the city is a sight in itself, centred around a golden angel. The architecture is wonderful, having been rebuilt after being largely destroyed during WW1. There are plenty of small, charming independent shops to browse, such as boutiques and delicious French snacks.

Reims Notre-Dame Cathedral
See the amazing gothic architecture of the Reims Cathedral, designated a UNESCO world heritage site.

Palais du Tau
Close to the Reims Cathedral, this building was the former palace of the Bishops of Reims and has been closely linked to the history of France for centuries. The most precious artefacts in the treasury are the remains of Holy Ampulla, a 9th-century Talisman of Charlemagne.

Abbey of Saint-Remi
A medieval church and part of the UNESCO world heritage site, housing an abbey-museum and St Remi’s tomb, once a Bishop of Reims who converted Clovis, King of the Franks, to Christianity at Christmas in AD 496, after he defeated the Alamanni in the Battle of Tolbiac.

Parc de Champagne
A lovely park near the Pommery vineyards – great for the kids to play.

Bars & Restaurants
In Reims you can, of course, expect some of the best Champagne lists in the world! Reims has plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants, with 19-century townhouse L’Assiette Champenoise boasting 2. Other popular choices include Le Cafe de Palais, Aux 3 P’tits Bouchons, L’Apostrophe, Au Lion de Belfort and Pub l’Escale. However, there’s so many to visit, the best part is exploring and seeing what you like!

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