Relationship between Romance & Fizz

12th February 2021

Romance and Fizz

When we think of true romance, many of us picture scattered rose petals, Champagne, and candles. It’s no coincidence that bubbly is considered a staple for celebrating romance around the globe. In fact, Champagne has represented love since the 18th century when Louis XV’s favourite mistress – Madame de Pompadour – declared that “Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it.

Champagne, often delicately crafted with antioxidant-rich ingredients, actually helps us lower blood pressure and even out skin tones. So Madame de Pompadour was right, bubbly can actually make us appear more beautiful. Even better, our lowered blood pressure can help us to feel lighter, brighter, and even more confident – the perfect combination for any romantic occasion.

Champagne has the big edge over any other sparkling wine when it comes to romance. There is something quite sexy about the this world famous wine, even the word itself ‘Champagne’ can trigger some romantic feelings upon its mention – For those first dates, dinners for two, breakfast in bed or even bubbles in the bath then Champagne is king.” Christopher Walkey

But perhaps the most prominent reason of all that Champagne and romance go hand in hand is that many consider Champagne to be an aphrodisiac. A few sips of bubbly go a long way in helping us feel more passionate, some even call it romance in a bottle. Maybe it’s the allure of a luxurious beverage or the price tag on the bottle…either way, Champagne is sure to jump-start the heart on any occasion.

Written by Lisa Palmer – Founder & CEO of Mogul Matchmakers Limited

Title image model – Jaimie Hilfiger


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