Release of Can Sumoi Ancestral Montònega 2023

23rd February 2024


After 4 months of aging, Ancestral Montònega 2023 is released.

Variety: 100% Montónega of Can Sumoi
Vintage: 2023

Tasting Notes: Green apple flesh, white floral, yeast, white fruits on the nose. Dry style. White floral, white fruits, chalky, saline and subtle yeast/lees.

Made with grapes from goblet-trained vines from our La Era and Els Bancals plots on the Can Sumoi estate, 600 meters above sea level. From its chalky, stony and undeveloped soils, this fresh wine is born, with tension and high acidity. An ancestral sparkling wine that reaches our hands after four months of aging in bottle to finish refining its bubbles.

Located 15km from the Mediterranean, where viticulture was born and expanded 8,000 years ago, the agricultural estate of Can Sumoi is a casual and unique geological island of the Montmell formation composed of marine red argillaceous rocks.

Established in 1645, its 600 meters of altitude offers a high thermal gradient night/day that favors grape ripening, maintaining high acidity and good development of aromas; while the high levels of sunshine and its location in an aerated area avoid fungal problems and allow us to produce wines with minimal intervention.

Being aware of its potential, our mission is to recover it and thus give value to the surrounding territory, working on the recovery of the farm organism, paying a fair price for the grapes to the local winegrowers with whom we collaborate and dreaming of making a great Sumoll wine that will help us to place this variety in the world.

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