Revery Bar launches Mayfair’s most decadent cocktail, the Maven of Mayfair

10th May 2024

Mayfair cocktail

There are cocktails. And then, there’s Revery’s Maven of Mayfair.

Revery’s Maven of Mayfair, £220 per glass

The name means connoisseur, with good reason. The truly discerning will recognise the cocktail’s superlative ingredients and understand why only a Baccarat crystal flute can be deemed worthy of its status.

Welcoming a new era of elegance, Revery blends modern aesthetic touches with the timeless sophistication that Park Lane is known for. The Maven of Mayfair is a symbol of Revery’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mixology and setting new standards in the art of delicious originality on London’s cocktail scene.

Designed to be enjoyed within the comfortable luxe of Revery’s red and warmly lit décor, the Maven of Mayfair features an elite blend of Clase Azul with the rich and complex Grand Marnier. Lillet Rose adds a touch of floral elegance, while Italicus infuses a subtle hint of citrus and botanicals. The Maven of Mayfair then sparingly incorporates the rare and exquisite Dom Perignon Rose, lending a velvety effervescence to the experience. A sumptuous final touch comes in the form of edible gold, delicately sprinkled to impart a touch of extravagance and irresistible visual allure.

The Maven of Mayfair: for those who appreciate the finest things in life.

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