Riddling Widow in Manhattan

23rd February 2016

Riddling Widow in Manhattan

Riddling Widow, is a cozy underground wine bar with a heavy emphasis on bubbles in Manhattan. There is a selection of Champagne and sparkling wine available by the glass and by the bottle.

The name has an interesting meaning, firsly it recognises Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin, who was only 27 when her husband died. Madame Clicquot who became known as the ‘Grand Dame of Champagne’  took over his struggling wine business, concentrated on Champagne and in 1816 invented the riddling table.

It also recognises many other French widows in the Champagne industry who took over running the business after their hubands died including: Louise Pommery in 1860 and was the first Champagne maker to launch dry, brut Champagne; Mathilde Emile Laurent-Perrier who took over in 1887; Camille Olry Roederer in 1932 and Lily Bollinger in 1941. All of them helped make Champagne what it is today.



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