Ridgeview English Sparkling features in Michel Roux Jr’s The Craftsmen’s Dinner

28th April 2016

English sparkling winery, Ridgeview is delighted to feature in Michel Roux Jr’s series The Craftsmen’s Dinner.

In conjunction with The Balvenie Distillery, the show features stories from remarkable producers and is being aired exclusively on YouTube. The Roberts family and their business in Ditchling, Sussex, is one of only six companies included, and in their episode, Simon Roberts, head winemaker, guides Michel Roux Jr through the sparkling winemaking process from vine to glass.

Simon commented on his part in the filming; ‘it’s an incredible privilege for me, the family and our staff here at Ridgeview to be invited to participate in such a wonderful series.   Meeting Michel Roux Jr, the other ‘crafties’on and the Rogan crew was a real pleasure and such a great experience. Getting together with like-minded people who strive to produce something of excellence with a focused passion was incredibly affirming”.

The Ridgeview episode is out now

Ridgeview sparkling wines are available nationally at Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Laithwaites as well as all good independent retailers.  Wines produced include the Bloomsbury, Cavendish, Fitzrovia (rosé), Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs and Rosé de Noirs.


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