Ridgeview English Sparkling Wine hits the US

10th October 2015

CEO of Ridgeview wines headed over to Manhattan recently to showcase their bubbly to the Americans.

The idea of English wine may seem strange in the US, but English winemakers can let the quality of the bubbly speak for itself. “English wine is a new concept to most Americans; therefore, many would be suprised to know that English sparkling wine in particular has recently been establishing itself in the States as a true wine of note.”

Ridgevew Estate is located in the South Downs and produces world class sparkling wine using classic grape varieties and made using the traditional method. Things are going well for the Estate, having recently been chosen for Gordon Ramsay’s wine list at a Bordeaux restaurant.

The outlook continues to seem positive for English sparkling wine – does it have the potential to make a big name for itself in the US as well?


Glass of Bubbly

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