17th January 2014


Ridgeview was founded in 1994 by Mike and Chris Roberts and is dedicated to creating world class sparkling wines in the South Downs of England.

Ridgeview’s trademark MERRET™ is in honour of Englishman Christopher Merret. In 1662 he presented a paper to the Royal Society in London which documented the process of making traditional method sparkling wines. This was 30 years before the technique was documented in champagne. To celebrate Merret’s achievements Ridgeview has kept a London connection when naming our range of wines.

Planted by the Roberts family in 1994, RidgeView is very much a family run operation. It sits very close to the South Downs village of Ditchling, Mike and Christine chose to plant the classic Champagne varieties. Their focus is solely on the production of quality sparkling wines.

Glass of Bubbly

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