Riedel relaunch the ‘Prosecco Superiore’ Glass

3rd March 2015


I was very excited last week to hear confirmation from Riedel UK (the top glassware people in case you’re wondering) that they are bringing back their Prosecco glass! The glass was made obsolete a few years ago, at a time when Prosecco wasn’t as popular as it is now. Prosecco has now overtaken Champagne to be the most popular sparkling wine globally; and the UK is no exception. On my last count, I spotted about thirteen different Riedel Champagne glasses but not one dedicated Prosecco glass. A bit of a gap there I thought given the market shift. A fact I had mentioned on occasions.

What I love too, is that the glass has been named the ‘Extreme Restaurant Prosecco Superiore’. So not just a ‘Prosecco’ glass, but a ‘Prosecco Superiore’ glass. This will help to give focus to the lesser known, but superior category, ‘Prosecco Superiore’, which I understand the glass has been specifically designed for, revealing all the richness and characteristics of the wine’s aromas.

The glasses look to be very elegant with a long thin stem and diamond style bowl. I haven’t tried them yet, but I can’t wait to test the glasses and my Prosecco Superiore together with Riedel in a couple of month’s time. It will be interesting to discover how the new glasses compare to the Riedel Ouverture Champagne glasses which I currently use in my tastings. The Riedel Ouverture Champagne glass came out top for bubbles, aroma and taste in tests together with Riedel previously.

Availability for the Prosecco Superiore glass is likely to be late April in the UK, to the restaurant and hotel trade only. There are no plans just yet to launch a retail option.  www.riedel.com

So thank you to the lovely people at Riedel for giving the very beautiful and elegant Prosecco Superiore a very beautiful and elegant glass once again. “Just perfect” I’d say! Grazie Mille. Cin Cin.

Shared by Julia Phillips


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