Rise in Crémant Production in Bordeaux

4th March 2016

Rise in Crémant Production in Bordeaux

After last years harvest in Bordeaux, there has been a 41% increase in the amount of wine produced into Crémant and a drop in production for rosé.

Overall, 2.9 million hectolitres of wine was produced in 2015 in Bordeaux. Changes: 11% decrease for dry white (245,000 hl), 25% increase for soft Bordeaux (64,000 hl) and 41% increase for sparkling wine (45,000 hl).

President of the wine Union, Hervé Grandeau, said to Vitishphere about the changes: “the  market for sparkling wine is risk-free and a very reasonable production, which was decided based on harvest conditions.”

Production of Crémant has increased year on year, with 2014 also gaining a 60% increase from 2013.

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