Roger-Constant Lemaire Champagne Launches New Design

25th April 2018

new label champagne roger constant lemaire

Roger Constant Lemaire is a small family run Champagne House located in the Marne Valley. They have been producing quality Champagne for 5 generations. The Estate stretches over 13 hectares in the region of Cumières, Hautvillers, Reuil, Binson-Orquigny, Troissy et Leuvrigny. The grapes are selected and harvested by hand, with only first press used in production. Vinification uses non malo-lactic fermentation methods to ensure a better quality of Champagne with its own natural acidity.

The Champagne has an inherent sweetness allowing for the addition of only a very low dosage of cane sugar. All of their Non-Vintage Champagnes spend a minimum of 3-4 years in the cellars and Vintage 5-7 years.

Champagne Roger-Constant Lemaire won the following awards at The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards 2017:

Gold Medal Winner Meditation -Champagne Roger-Constant Lemaire – Cuvée Hautes les Pieres Vintage 2010.

Gold Medal Winner Classic & Elegant – Champagne Roger-Constant Lemaire – Cuvée Trianon

The new style labelled bottles will be available from May 2018.

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