Romeo & Juliet – Prosecco & Sparkling Rosé

6th April 2016

Romeo & Juliet – Prosecco & Sparkling Rosé

The most well-known love story comes to life, expressed through beautiful Italian sparkling wine. Romeo & Juliet sparkling wines tell the story of more than one meeting: between the grapes and the terroir… between the wine and the label… between the producers and those who enjoy their wine.

Romeo Prosecco D.O.C

Sparkling extra-dry. It has a pleasant acidity, fresh flavour. Full-bodied with harmonious taste. The Italian apéritif! Excellent when served with raw fish and oysters.


Juliet Sparkling Rosé

Sparkling extra-dry. It is full-bodied with a pleasant and harmonious taste. Excellent as an apéritif and served with fried vegetables, sea food salad and fish courses in general.


Romeo Prosecco & Sparkling Juliet Rosé will be available to taste at our upcoming London tasting event.

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