Rosé English Sparkling Wine Jellies

22nd August 2016


Now having little neat tricks up your sleeve to surprise your dinner guests must always in some way involve bubbly. Everyone (of course not doing the driving) will have a face lightened when you offer them a glass of bubbly on arrival, now what about adding to that will some jelly sparkling wine surprises to follow! Perfect for dessert or if it’s just an evening of aperitifs, these English Sparkling Wine (Mayfield 2013 Brut Rosé) jellies will surely impress your guests.

These are very easy to make at home, simply follow our recipe:


550ml of water

1 cup of caster sugar

300ml of Sparkling Wine / Champagne

1 packet of gelatine (enough for the above liquids)

Fresh strawberries / raspberries or similar fruit to compliment the jellies


  • Place the water and the sugar into a small saucepan on a low heat and mix in together. Once mixed bring up to boil and stir for two minutes then lower the heat down and leave to simmer. Then remove pan and allow to cool.
  • Pour the sparkling wine into a bowl and add the gelatine and mix in together well.
  • Add the now cooled water and caster sugar mix and once again mix in well.
  • Allow to settle for five minutes then place into the fridge for approximately one hour.
  • Prepare finally chopped strawberries / raspberries.
  • Now pour the mix into your containers and fill to approx 4/5’s.
  • Place in each container some chopped fruit and then again fill with the mix to bring each container to max full.
  • Replace the containers into the fridge and allow to refrigerate for four to six hours.
  • These will now be ready to serve!


Glass of Bubbly

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