Rosé Sparkling Wines with Indian Cuisine

15th September 2020

Indian Cuisine and rosé sparkling wines

Kale Pakora Bites: Light and fairly dry in texture. Not overly spicy and a comfortable nibble / starter for most Indian cuisine lovers.

Paired with: Champagne de Watère Rosé Brut

Pairing notes: “A nice burst of sweet red berry fruits fades in to light spices from the dish.


Vegetable Kofta Curry: A creamy and tomato character, fresh and not overly spiced.

Paired with: Fox & Fox Midnight Dark Dry Rosé Brut 2011

Pairing notes: “The Midnight from Fox & Fox is a bold rosé sparkling wine with much character and strong aromas / flavours. It can very much hold its own against any style of dish from oily to spiced. Here it balanced well to give a mixture of fresh green spices and sharp red fruit flavours.

Prawn Pulao: A fresh spice and prawn styled dish. Easy to prepare and if careful, holds a freshness. Mild in spice level on this occasion.

Paired with: Graham Beck Rosé Brut

Pairing notes: “Both the dish and the rosé brut are delicate in character expressing many levels of spice and flavour. Paired together they complement each other and express their better characters from soft berry fruits to toned down spiced prawn.

Gulab Jamun: A melt in your mouth golden syrup taste experience. Delicate dish, small portions yet an explosion of delight on the palate.

Paired with: Castello del Poggio Piemonte Brachetto (Doux) from Zonin

Pairing notes: “The dish is ever so rich that a rosé sparkling wine is always going to play in second position within the palate. The Piemonte rosé is a sweeter style of wine and it really does its best to match the richness from the sweet dish, the combination works well and the food can be stated as adding to the qualities expressed by the wine.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.