Rosy Shades of Bardolino Chiaretto

23rd June 2017


Imagine a water’s surface, calm and flat like a mirror set among pinkish rocks: swans with long white necks swimming a little snobbily and weeping willows waving slowly in the air. Suddenly some unexpected pop coming from behind you wakes you up and you wonder: was I dreaming? Maybe not, you’re just in front of the enchanting Garda Lake.

People sitting on wrought iron chairs are laughing and drinking some bubbly while the sunset is colouring the horizon a rose hue, recalling a William Turner painting.

Which wine seems to capture those sky blush reflections in its glass? Well, it’s Bardolino Chiaretto sparkler.
The Bardolino surroundings offer delicate hills that define the Lake’s edges, hosting vines all around: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara are the local varieties growing in this area characterised by a mild climate. As a result, the wines have a deep minerality that can be expected from such unique place.

Here bubbly usually welcomes the tourists, inviting them to admire the gorgeous landscape while enjoying the gentle breeze. The local sparkling wine is known as Bardolino Chiaretto Spumante, one of the best representatives of the Bardolino area is made by Villabella winery from a blend of 60% Corvina, 30% Rondinella and 10% Molinara.

The cuvée to produce this rosé is obtained through the traditional vinification of these grape varieties with a short maceration of the skins, in order to extract just a slight natural pink colour, followed by a slow fermentation ideal for bringing out the aromatic fragrance of the grapes. The long process of transforming the cuvée into sparkling wine then takes place in closed vats, in accordance with the Charmat method.

It’s love at first sight: its light pink colour reveals sunset reflections indeed, lovely bubbles bring to the nose notes of small fruits like strawberries, raspberries and cherries, creamy and rounded, with an elegant perlage and persistent juicy fruitiness.

Being a versatile wine it can be paired with many different dishes: a wonderful combination would be with spaghetti dressed with ‘pomodoro del Piennolo’, a particular kind of tomato from the Vesuvio area near Naples, creamy burrata cheese and anchovies, all covered by grated lemon peel. This is an exquisite dish prepared by Giuseppe D’Aquino, Chef of Oseleta restaurant.

Colours and aromas perfectly match together while the freshness of Bardolino Chiaretto enhances the flavours of this recipe for a harmonic and gorgeous pairing.

While you’re enjoying the last sip of Bardolino Chiaretto in your glass, it appears that even the remaining rays of light want to say goodbye. Maybe your holiday at Garda Lake is coming to an end, maybe it’s time to go home, but that spectacular sunset will stay on your mind like a marvellous painting, truly capturing the beauty of nature.

Stefania Ruffo

Stefania Ruffo

Wine Educator at Università del Gusto, Wine Writer at Glass of Bubbly. Owner and Founder at Enjoyourwine. Find me on Twitter - @enjoyourwine