Ruinart Rosé Salon 1764

20th June 2014

Ruinart Champagne salon 1764

Ruinart celebrates the 250th anniversary of the first Rosé Champagne with the creation of the Ruinart Rosé Salon 1764.

This Summer the Goring Hotel garden in Victoria is set to play host to the Ruinart Rosé 1764 Salon. The concept has been created as part of the Ruinart Rosé 250th anniversary celebrations following the discovery of documents that prove Ruinart was the first Champagne House to ship a Rosé Champagne back in 1764.

Inspired by 18th century décor, the Ruinart Rosé Salon 1764 will encourage guests to enjoy a glass of Ruinart Rosé while learning about its history and heritage. The salon will house an antique apothecary offering vials of scents for customers to smell while sipping Ruinart Rosé, helping them to understand and appreciate the aromas associated with the Champagne.

An in-bar artist will be available to draw 18th century style portraits of the guests to take away with them.

Elsa Corbineau, Marketing  Director of Champagnes at Moët Hennessy says: “We are delighted to be celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Ruinart Rosé in style at The Goring. The partnership is a perfect fit, enabling us to celebrate the history and heritage of Ruinart Rosé in the sophisticated and elegant garden of The Goring, which is steeped in heritage itself. We want the Ruinart Rosé Salon 1764 to transport guests back to the 18th century to enjoy our Champagne just as it was when it was first created.”

The Ruinart Rosé Salon 1764 bar at The Goring Hotel garden is open now until the 3rd July 2014. A glass of Ruinart Rosé will be £18.00.

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