SANTO Sparkling Wine Brut Méthode Traditionelle

13th June 2015

SANTO Sparkling Wine Brut Méthode Traditionelle

SANTO Sparkling Wine Brut Méthode Traditionelle makes a world debut as the very first bubbly version of the famous variety by a Santorini producer. The label and bottle are stunning, underlying a pure cosmopolitan vibe. The wine is made with the traditional method with second fermentation in the bottle and ageing on lees.

When uncorked, the volcanic soul of Santorini fills the glasses! Crystal-clear color, while the bubbles are both elegant and persistent. Seductive aromas of white peach notes and honey are complemented by a round palate with refreshing acidity and a long rejuvenating aftertaste. With just a sip, you find yourself watching the mind-boggling sunset in Caldera, cruising around the impressive massive volcanic rocks of Santorini, taking a dive at the unique red-sand beach of the island.

Santo bottle

While SANTO Sparkling is an alluring aperitif, it works also great next to seafood and delicate white flesh fish. A must-try is definitely sushi, as well as similar Mediterranean dishes like tuna and salmon tartare, octopus and calamari carpaccio. A fabulous pairing tip is undoubtedly the unique Santorini Tomatoes, Fava and Capers that make a match made in Santorini heaven!

The first vintage released was 2012, The 2013 has a total production of 12,000 bottles.


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