Searcys Champagne and Meatballs Menu

16th May 2016

Searcys Champagne and Meatballs Menu

Champagne, pasta and meatballs are on the menu at Searcy’s One New Change in London’s city district.

There’s a vibrant new menu available, celebrating the wonders of Italian food. The ‘pick and mix’ street-food style menu consists mostly of a variety of pasta, sauces and meatballs, as well as tasty sides, starters and desserts.

Of course, all the dishes beautifully pair with a glass of sparkling wine, of which Searcy’s has a fantastic selection. From Champagne to cocktails to Italian frizzante, Joel Claustre (wine and Champagne connoisseur) and Aurelien Durand (cocktail expert) have crafted a fantastic drinks menu to suit every bubbly-lover.

A perfect Summer venue to enjoy great food and wine!


Glass of Bubbly

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