Searcys Champagne Bar St Pancreas

20th January 2014

Searcys Champagne Bar St Pancreas

Imagine 1,372 Champagne flutes lined up side by side and you have some idea of exactly how vast Europe’s longest Champagne bar at St Pancras International actually is.

The 98 meter space housing the St Pancras Grand Champagne Bar is breath-taking thanks to its location which allows a panoramic view of the entire terminal whilst also making the most of the historic vaulted ceiling. A central illuminated glass cube of a bar sits in the middle of the space, a glamorous mother ship refuelling the staff’s trays from three sides whilst the fourth side is backlit cracked glass.

There’s seating for 110 and plenty of standing room. However, the banquette seating is the most desirable. Twelve banquettes (seating six people each) line the length of the bar and you won’t want to leave. Flattering pools of light from Art Deco lamps encourage intimate conversations, there’s table service and ‘Press for Champagne’ button, but more importantly there are individual blankets and fan heaters, which you can adjust to ward off the cold in addition to the heated leather seats of the banquettes themselves. Additional seating at small tables and bar stools is perfect for couples or pairs of friends.

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