Seegir Wine Storage

18th April 2014

Seegir Wine Storage

Seegir are a specialist company providing unique and distinct wine care products to private collectors, leading hotels, exclusive restaurants and wine producers throughout the UK.

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Our background and technical expertise is found in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning but our passion is for wine. Bringing these two qualities together provides the perfect combination of expert advice and a truly eclectic product range of state of the art wine storage and display equipment not to be found elsewhere in the UK.

Our philosophy is to never compromise the quality of our wine care products and to always offer outstanding attention to detail. This ensures our clients receive the highest professional and discreet wine care service for their treasured fine wine collection.

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Whether you have your own private cellar at home or you are a hotelier or restaurateur requiring a magnificent wine display, Seegir will be able to provide you with the wine care product you have desired.

The wine racking systems are made of either volcanic ash and sandstone or in a range of metallic options, for both traditional and modern tastes. Fitting all bottle sizes, they are beautifully designed ensuring you make your wine cellar just as you always imagined it.

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The wine displays offer a stunning feature with LED lighting, see through options, flexible wine bottle positioning and mirrored internal walls contributing to the overall impact. From wine walls to wine frames and including from the bottle dispensing systems, Seegir’s product portfolio covers all aspects of wine presentation.

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