Sekt Sparkling Wine from Austria

20th February 2017


Sekt tends to be known as sparkling wine made in Germany, but there is also fantastic Sekt being made just below, in Austria.

Austria is a beautiful country, home to the architectural and cultural hub of Vienna.

Their Sekt has its own unique personality, different even from their German cousins. The tradition of winemaking in Austria dates back to the 19th century.

Their high-quality sparkling wines are dry, aromatic and very expressive, with the main grape varieties used being Welschriesling and Grüner Veltliner, as well as Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

In Germany, around 95% of Sekt is made using the Charmat method (also known as tank method), the same process used for Prosecco. However, Austrians use the méthode traditionnelle more often. These premium Sekts tend to be dated with the vintage year and the vineyard the grapes are from.

Many Austrian Sekt producers are based in Vienna and source their grapes from the Weinviertel region in Lower Austria.

Austrian Sekt can be tricky to find, but tends to be reasonably priced and well worth a try. You can find sparkling whites, rosés and even sparkling reds.

Here’s a few to check out from some historic and renowned Austrian producers:

Klostersekt 2006 – £13.20 – Pairs with cheese and poultry dishes.

Schilchersekt 2014 Rosé – £19.20 – Pairs great with spicy food.

Zweigelt Sekt 2009  Red Sparkling – £23.26 – Pairs well with meat dishes.

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