Sherlock Holmes Cocktail

22nd July 2021

Sherlock Holmes and the Antidote Cocktail

Sherlock: Dear Watson,

Watson: Yes Sherlock!

Sherlock: The Game’s A Foot…

Sherlock Holmes and The Antidote Cocktail

Quick, follow me, we have a lot to cover in a short amount of time, I do hope you can keep up.

Our Landlady, Mrs Hudson has been poisoned, you remember her, don’t you, sweet old lady.

After searching through her room we found this…

The note says: the antidote to the poison Mrs Hudson ingested is the fizzy taste within this cocktail, but it will only work if the ingredient can be identified and consumed alone.

Sherlock grabs the Cocktail and starts examing the aroma.

Aroma – “A soft sweet citrus and mango expression.”

Sherlock: Interesting.

Watson: What is?

Sherlock: The fresh mango slice is trying to cover up the mango juice, whoever made this cocktail is trying to throw me off.

Sherlock goes in and tastes the Cocktail

Flavours – “A smooth, creamy like texture expressing oaky, smoky and mango characteristics, along with orchard fruits and minerals, a touch of smooth creamy dark run and a fizzy touch.

Sherlock: The way the flavours work together, it is a well created piece of art, but I’m missing something, what is giving the Cocktail that fizziness, it’s not sherbet or sparkling water, it’s alcohol, like a Champagne, no, it doesn’t have the same tendencies, it’s a Sparkling Wine, but from where? I’d say Central Europe, maybe Slovenian, no, Italy?, I’ve got, it’s Austria.

Watson: Oh come on now, how can you tell that, Sherlock?

Sherlock: A fine nose Dr Watson, after you’ve tasted as many Sparkling Wines as me, it becomes easier to identify the origin of the bottle.

Watson: Now that we know where it’s from, who made it, you can’t possibly know that.

Sherlock: I might not have to, Sparkling Wine should always be chilled when drunk, Watson, check the fridge, let’s see if our cunning friend has some class.

Watson walks over to the fridge & finds a bottle of Szigeti Sparkling Wine and says: This must be it.

Sherlock: Is it from Austria?

Watson checks the back of the bottle and says: Yes, it is.

Sherlock: Brilliant work Dr. Watson, bring it over here, now I must get the Tasting Notes of this Sparkling Wine, so I can identify what aromas and flavours are coming from the bottle, this way I will be able to confirm that this isn’t a red herring.

Sektkellerei Szigeti – St Georgen Brut große Reserve 2015 Tasting Notes
Aroma – “👃Fresh green fruits, touch herbaceous, subtle notes of honey on the nose.”
Flavour – “👅Fizzy oaky characteristics with a hint of honey and peach on the palate.”

This Austrian Sparkling Wine Won a Gold Medal in the Classic & Elegant Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2020.

Sherlock: I have come to the conclusion that the ingredients are as follows, Watson.


  • Sparkling Wine – Szigeti – St Georgen Brut große Reserve 2015
  • Dark Rum
  • Mango Juice
  • Mango Slice

How To Make The Antidote Cocktail

  1. Pour 15mls of Rum into your glass.
  2. Add 50mls of Mango Juice.
  3. Then 125mls of Sparkling Wine.
  4. And finish with a mango slice to garnish.

Watson: Are you sure, Sherlock?

Sherlock: Only one way to be sure, Watson, we must make it ourselves and see if matches.

Sherlock proceeds to make himself the Cocktail.

Sherlock: A perfect match, this bottle of Szigeti Sparkling Wine from Austria is the antidote we need to save Mrs. Hudson.

The Szigeti Winery was founded in 1991 by Peter Szigeti, located in Gols in the Austrian state of Burgenland. Peter and his cellar master have both spent a lot of time ensuring that his Sparkling Wine meets the highest quality and captures the varietal characteristics of the grape varieties.

Interesting Fact: When looking at their Prestige line you will notice an emblem of a Knight, this is a tribute to the Knight of Gols.

Don’t Forget to Sparkle – Szigeti

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