Shipwrecked Champagne from the Titanic

14th March 2018

champagne stored at sea

Titanic is known for a good lot of things. It takes you about true love. It tells you about a human tragedy like no other. And it talks about just how risky travel was back in those days.

The one thing that it normally does not talk about though is that the Champagne on board the Titanic was no less either. We are sure you would have seen people enjoying, making merry and having a glass of wine if you’ve watched the Titanic movie. It’s one of the true story of Titanic the movie that not many know about.

Finding Expensive Champagne Under the Seas

Sure, there are cases involving expensive Champagne being lost on in the seas. For instance, there was one Champagne discovered in 1997 aboard the Jőngkőping a ship sunk way back in 1916 but a German submarine.

The Heidsieck’s Goût Américain Champagne of the 1907 vintage, which was on board was just in the right conditions, being stores in temperatures of around 3-4 degree Celsius, a reason it was worth a whopping $275,000.

Most ships at that time had the tradition of opening a Champagne when it was christened before departure. Interestingly, the Titanic saw no celebration nor the popping of Champagne bottles upon its launch. This, in some of it being bound with many dignitaries.

Since the shipwreck, various endeavours were taken to recover the many items from the shop. One of the companies that were involved in the expedition was R.M.S Titanic, which spent years gathering more and more artefacts. However, a court case saw them fighting it out as to its entitlement to sell it to the public.

Sure, R.M.S Titanic though has found a good number of Champagne bottles in the shipwreck. The problem is, nobody knows whether any of these bottles have actually made their way to the mainland.

There have been reports of companies sourcing wine from the Titanic to one of its customers. Interestingly though, the buyer never thought it possible. He ordered the wines as a joke but the company scoured the world over to get the hands on it. It wasn’t clear how much he paid for it and said that he didn’t want to be named.

However, he did express his intention to give the wine bottles to donation back then. We aren’t sure if he eventually did that.

R.M.S Titanic Inc. though states that they have unopened bottles of Champagne with them from the Titanic and with the recent court order that states that the company is entitled to get back money on the artefacts it had recovered from the Titanic, it is only a matter of time before some of these rare Champagne bottles make it to the hands of investors.

The question is, when and for how much?

We expect it be worth more than $500,000 at least. We still aren’t sure about the make, but if it’s really unique and is in good condition you can expect it to even sell for a million dollars or more.

Would you try to buy it?

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