“Showcase the Best of Britain” by Serving English Wine Instead of French

8th January 2015

Tracey Crouch, MP, member of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport committee, said that British Embassies around the world should be doing more to promote Britain and “showcase the best of Britain” by serving English wine instead of French.

She said “You wouldn’t go to a French Embassy and expect them to be serving anything other than French wine.

So why doesn’t Britain promote English and Welsh wine more, there’s a great selection of sparkling wine that they could enjoy!

The House of Commons have spent £275,221 buying in more than 25,000 bottles of Champagne since the coalition took over in May 2010 and the House of Lords has spent £265,770 on 17,000 bottles of Champagne the equivalent to just over five bottles of bubbly for each peer.

Wouldn’t they be better off spending that money on home grown bubbly!



Glass of Bubbly

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