Simpsons Sparkling in North Downs of Kent

26th October 2016


October 26th 2016 – Charles and Ruth Simpson proudly officially open their new winery in Barham, Kent. Valued members of the national wine press and trade were there to enjoy the moment with them and the ever friendly and engaging Oz Clarke was asked to cut the ribbon and deliver a highly entertaining and educational talk. French sparkling wine was served, but this was not an oversight occasion for the Simpson’s as in fact they also own Domaine Sainte Rosé in the Languedoc region.

Each vine has been planted by us and nurtured by us, and each bunch of grapes will, when the moment is quite right, be picked and pressed by us – allowing us at every step to deliver the fullest expression of our Kentish terroir. Once bottled, the wine gently ferments for a second time according to the méthode traditionnelle and then matures without haste, gaining elegance over the course of years spent resting on its lees.” Quote Simpson Winery website.

The mid-Autumn fading warm rays of sun greeted us on our tour of their land and rows of planted vines, both recent and established, along with the future plots on sloping rolling hills which they soon will be adding more rows to.

Oz Clarke was very complimentary to the potential for English sparkling wines during his talk, especially referring to the local soils and increase in annual temperatures in recent years – Could more Bubbly from England continue the onward march to increasing international recognition and though almost too common of me to say, continue to improve on and bettering many Champagnes?

To find out more about Simpson Winery visit their website today: Simpson Winery

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