Singapore Airlines serves Taittinger Champagne

5th May 2015

Singapore Airlines serves Taittinger Champagne

Business class customers on Singapore airlines will be welcomed with Taittinger Prelude “Grands Crus” Champagne. This refined cuvée is made with the first pressings of an equal portion of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from only 100% Grand Cru vineyards.

The wine is subtle and fresh on the nose as the initial mineral aromas give way to green, then floral notes with the fragrance of elderflowers and spicy cinnamon undertones. The entry onto the palate is clean and lively, dominated by exceedingly fresh citrus notes. These segue into much fuller, rounder and silkier flavours where white peaches in syrup predominate.

The finish is rich, lingering and bursting with flavour. The Prelude “Grands Crus” is a joyous blend of finesse and complexity, with an outstanding balance of freshness and aromatic expression.

“We’re pleased to be offering Taittinger Prelude “Grands Crus” to our Business Class customers. Prelude “Grands Crus” is made solely from the best Grand Cru vineyards in the Taittinger family’s own estate and is then aged for more than five years in their cellars. For elegance in the glass and exclusivity in the air, this is something really special,” said Singapore Airlines Wine Panel member Oz Clarke.

Around 194,000 bottles of Champagne are consumed on Singapore Airlines flights annually. Currently, Singapore Airlines is the only airline that serves the rare and highly coveted Grand Cru Red Burgundy and two prestige cuvées, Dom Perignon and Krug Grand Cuvée, in tandem.


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