Skinny Champagne & Des McDonald’s Fish & Chips

15th April 2015

Skinny Champagne & Des McDonald's Fish & Chips

Skinny Champagne unwraps deal with Des McDonald’s Fish & Chips City Restaurant.

Skinny Champagne Grand Cru by Alexandre Penet will be served by the glass in posh modern day fish & seafood venue, Des McDonald’s The Fish & Chips Shop located in Liverpool Street, London.

The go-to fizz for those adopting the new sugar-free lifestyle pairs perfectly with the delicious seafood menu on offer at The Fish & Chip Shop – in addition to perfect cod & chips, expect to order British seafood, oysters, sea bass, shrimp burgers and old fashioned fish finger butties. Where possible the restaurant sources from British coastal fisheries that it is satisfied are best practice and the most sustainable.

“We’re all obsessed with explosion of “high/low” trends across the food and drink business and where better to demonstrate this is at Des’ restaurant – Cod & Chips paired with Skinny Champagne Grand Cru!” says Thomson.

Skinny Champ by Charlie Gray small

Thomson gave up her job as a TV and radio broadcaster and moved to Paris in 2010 to study at the famous Le Cordon Bleu School, obtaining a Diploma in Wine. She wanted to bring a fresh, new and vibrant approach to wine drinking in the UK, casting aside the often-stuffy image of fine wine and Champagne.

Produced by top Champagne maker Alexandre Penet whose bottles are acclaimed worldwide in Michelin star restaurants, Skinny Champagne is imported exclusively by Thomson & Scott Ltd.


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