Slate Wine Racks

10th February 2015

Slate Wine Racks

I design and make a range of wine racks from world famous Welsh Slate and Portland Stone.

These vary in sizes from a single hole for your prize bubbly upto our largest rack at 42 x holes, standing over 6ft tall!

Slate is a great material and has many features and attributes and lends itself well to the storage and display of wine and champagne as it acts as a natural fridge due to its geological make up of cooling components.

The slate I use is predominantly from the foot hills of Snowdon in North Wales which is millions of years old. The slate here is of the very best quality that is available today, due to it’s toughness and durability. I also use slate from South, West Wales but this is much softer and more brittle. This is better suited to water features and smaller craft items such as feature stones, trophies and smaller craft items.

slate wine racks

Now living on the South Coast, I’ve started to work with Portland Stone and incorporate this in to many of my designs. This originates from the world famous Jurassic Coast and can be seen on many of the famous buildings and architecture in and around London.  As it’s a lighter colour limestone, in complete contrast to the slate, it offers another dimension to my range and attracts the more modern, contemporary rooms and designs.  Again, these can be engraved and personalised to make a great gift.  When filled with pink fizz, the colour bounces off the white limestone and looks really fantastic.

In addition, I offer a wide range of smaller craft items such as place mats candle holders and coasters, pictures frames to planters.  Our new range of Port and Cheese boards have proved very popular, with a hole drilled for your bottle and plenty of room for a variety of flavoured cheese.

I also carry out bespoke work, so if you have something different in mind then please get in touch.

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