Slow Wine Weekends

31st August 2016


Slow Wine Weekends is centred in the small village of McGregor in the Winelands of the Western Cape of South Africa.  Their focus is on the boutique wineries that operate either from or around the village and which produce some award-winning wines, including in the last two or so years, the country’s best Brut MCC.

They offer to bring small groups of people to the village for a leisurely weekend during which time they enjoy tasting wines they have not come across before, either at the cellar door and/or with food.  There are three boutique wineries that produce MCCs and another that produces a sparkling wine from organic grapes (the only organic vineyards in the area). There are also larger, more commercial operations, like Graham Beck and Weltevrede, not far from that also produce excellent MCCs.

This sparkly spring Slow Wine Weekend is especially for girls who love bubbles.

For the more romantic, there will be a tour in February 2017.


Glass of Bubbly

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