So why choose grower Champagne over the better known brands?

11th January 2014

So why choose grower Champagne over the better known brands?

To manufacture their products, many of the mainstream Champagne powerhouses often rely on sourcing grapes or wine from many different growers to create a generic taste. Instead, we wanted to work with the independent growers located in the north-eastern region of France. Artisanal Champagne is grown and produced by one family working from their own vineyards, dedicated to the entire process from beginning to end. Each grower-producer offers a range to reflect their own unique methods and traditions. Many of our suppliers are families in their 4th generation applying the same techniques learned from their great grandparents. For example, many still cut the grapes by hand and turn the bottles manually every 4-6 hours for months to remove the sediment. There is nothing industrialised about this process which takes years for each bottle.

French families have been enjoying artisanal Champagne for centuries, in the same way that wine connaisseurs enjoy discovering independent vineyards which produce distinctive high quality wines. In purchasing a grower champagne, they celebrate the terroir – the distinctive countryside and its conditions, such as geography, climate and soil, from which the Champagne is produced in a single village or vineyard.

We noticed these Champagnes weren’t rightfully represented in the UK compared to the better known brands. We also felt that UK Champagne drinkers were missing out and being restricted to what was available on supermarket shelves. As it is a matter of custom for the French to go to their favourite grower for their Champagne, we wanted to give you the opportunity to discover these same limited production artisanal Champagnes, directly from the vineyard to your glass.


Champagne Ink is the meeting of 4 minds trying to change the way Champagne is understood in the UK. It is a truly collaborative experience between us and our customers, from selecting the finest grower Champagne to creating the perfect personalised label to offer a truly bespoke service. Personalisation opportunities range from names, event dates and messages being printed or calligraphed onto labels to the more ornate such as a company logo, image or photograph. If you simply want to enjoy our products without any personalisation, we also supply exceptional grower Champagne with classic labels from the growers themselves.

Shriti Lakhani-Strady

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