Social Media In The Wine Industry

8th August 2023


It’s important to keep up to date with the latest in communication, from TikTok to X, the future lives within social media networks, and when talking about the promotion of Champagne or Sparkling Wine we have to approach it in a bubbly way.

We’re seeing a wide array of influencers entering the wine industry, with 50,000, to 100,000 up to 1,000,000 and above followers, these people hold within a single account enough influence to shape the industry.

Building a brand compared to building an account are two very different journeys, one gives you full control and the other leaves you at the mercy of someone else, accounts get deleted, hacked and flagged all the time, you’re vulnerable, but at as long as you’re sticking with the guidelines of whatever social media platform you’re using, you should be fine, so when building your social media following, what do people like to see?

Wealth and Success

People like seeing pictures of the finer things in life and Champagne or Sparkling Wine fits perfectly within that bracket, looking at a bubbling glass of Champagne on a roof top bar, being held by a perfectly manicured hand draws the attention of those who wish to be in that situation, that’s all it boils down to, ‘I want to be there, doing that’.


Champagne may be taken seriously by professionals, but by influencers, they’re showing the funny side of things, drinking from oversized glasses, pouring from creative angles, and coming up with unique skits to entertain in a short clip, the wine industry is embracing the youthful side of things.

Final Thoughts

To have an influential social media account you need followers, people who like what you do, so gaining social media followers is the most important first step, upon starting that process, you must keep regularly posting content, things move quickly on social media, so you need to keep your profile at the top of the pile.

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