Spanish Gastronomy and Sparkling Wine

13th March 2023

Spanish Gastronomy and Sparkling Wine

The importance of food and sparkling wine is understood by every country, it is a hallmark of fine dining, an experience that transcends what either counterpart can deliver on its own and the Spanish are one of the countries that showcase this perfectly, with fine cheese, perfectly cured meats, freshly caught fish and uniquely delicious treats, and, of course, not forgetting their wonderful Traditional Method Sparkling Wines.

The Sparkling Wine

Familia Torres understands the importance of sparkling wine and gastronomy, crafting a sublime experience on the palate, that’s why they’ve created a kitchen dedicated to the art of pairing sparkling wine with food.

In their emblematic Mas La Plana estate, in Pacs del Penedès, next to the winery, their restaurant opens onto the vineyard and surrenders to the spectacular views of the Montserrat mountain. Welcoming all to a space where you can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine with a gastronomic experience exciting all five senses.

The restaurant opened in 2019, the Jardí Restaurant El Celleret prepares Mediterranean and market cuisine, based on fresh products. They have an organic garden and a pen with chickens and roosters from Penedès, in a clear defence of sustainability and respect for the land and the environment, which pervade all their wine projects.

The restaurant combines traditional and modern preparation techniques to capture the landscapes of the Penedès on the plate and create a healthy proposal made delicately to enhance textures and aromas. Dishes are designed to enjoy life with a glass of sparkling wine in hand, surrounded by nature and unbeatable views.

Crowned the Sea Breeze Trophy Winner at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022, thanks to its incredible characteristics, lighting up the brain with memories of walks along the beach, seaside family vacations, chip shop lunches and salty sea air, this Sparkling Wine fits the category perfectly.

Familia Torres – Rosé de Mar de Vardon Kennett – Tasting Notes

Aroma –A touch of cumin, curry spices on the aroma, raspberries, cherries, red berries, with subtle salty sea air, like walking on a beach while enjoying a curry.”

Flavour – “Saline, oceanic, salty sea air, covering a bed of strawberries, fresh seaweed, red berries, ripe red apples, and cherries on the palate.”

‘Sea Breeze’ Trophy Winner at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

A Vodka Martini

Crafted with Devon’s own Cove Vodka and Bramble Liqueur, we’re bringing a touch of England into our Spanish Afternoon feast, each of their Cove Vodkas are crafted with King Edward potatoes, lovingly grown for over 50 years on their family farm overlooking Hope Cove in South Devon.

The family decided to create their own potato vodka with the only ingredients being their own potatoes grown in the fresh sea air, Devon Spring Water and a little yeast and enzymes added during fermentation.

It’s excellently smooth, creamy and clean tasting, they say that the carbs in the potatoes don’t translate into the vodka so it’s low carb, has no sugar and is low in calories.

How To Make A Bubbly Vodka Martini

  • 10mls of Damson Liqueur
  • 15mls of Cove Vodka
  • 75-100mls of Rosé de Mar de Vardon Kennett
  • Add a Cocktail stick with 3 Olives

Vodka Martini Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Rich damson, sweet in character, with gorgeous olives and notes of saline and red berries on the aroma.”

Flavour – “A blended mix of green olives, damson liqueur, smooth potato vodka and notes of saline berries on the palate. It’s well balanced, enjoying every ingredient, giving a moreish taste.”

Cove Vodka know the importance of enjoying a good cocktail, so they have a fantastic selection on their website, along with their Cove Cocktail Club, where they send you a box including all the ingredients you require to craft at least 4 cocktails a month.

Brindisa – Quality Spanish Food

The company name comes from the Spanish word ‘brindis’, to raise one’s glass in a toast.

During the year of 1988, Brindisa was founded by Monika Linton, at the time, knowledge of Spanish gastronomy was almost non-existent in the UK, so Monika saw the potential to enlighten and showcase the wonderful flavours of Spain to the British public, so she launched her company on a shoestring budget.

Their work over the past 30 years has been to toast and celebrate the varied cultures, landscapes and, above all, the exceptional foods of Spain. In essence the business is a tribute to the people who create the remarkable cheese, ham, meat, fish and huge selection of other products.

Fine Spanish food is now firmly on the gastronomes’ map in the UK and the team at Brindisa is proud to have played a part in this change.

Cañarejal Cremoso & Spanish Bubbly – “A calming pairing, a nice balance between the red fruits of the wine and the creamy savoury from the cheese.”

Solana Trufado & Spanish Bubbly – “A very quick freshness from the sparkling wine, then the truffles comes in on the palate with a touch of a salty savoury close, the truffles stay at the forefront throughout.”

Alemany Soft Turron & Spanish Bubbly – “Initially it neutralises, but within a moment the sparkling wine enhances the sweetness, taking it up to another level with its delicate nutty/peanut characters.”

Anchoas Ahumadas Nardin Anchovies & Spanish Bubbly – “The sparkling wine brings out a hidden saline level from the fish, then leading into stronger fishy flavours.”

Señorio de Montanera Salchichón & Spanish Bubbly – “The sparkling wine removes the greasiness almost completely, cleansing the palate, then allowing the true meaty flavours to come back into play.”

Señorio de Montanera Jamón de Bellota Ibérico Ham & Spanish Bubbly – “The sparkling wine comes through and floods the pairing with berry flavours, creating strong saline characters. It finishes with a little saline at the close, it’s not quite a perfect match.”

Try the Cañarejal Cremoso and Ibérico Ham together, it’s a fantastic pairing!

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.