Sparkle for Life: Szigeti

30th March 2017


For numerous people sparkling wines are a very popular choice and indeed, make an occasion into a celebration, evoking style and sophistication. Many countries, globally, produce sparkling wines. Some of the producing companies are large and others are family businesses. I searched for a well-established company, producing a range of sparkling wines – in fact something to suit every palate and occasion.

I found very impressive sparkling productions from multi award-winning Szigeti. This Austrian company, in its modern-day form, was founded in 1990 by Norbert and Peter Szigeti and produces a range of sparkling wines, using the traditional method. Previous generations had been producing wines, but in small volumes. Grüner Veltliner Brut is always extremely popular and appreciated by many. The delicate aroma complements the fine and fresh mouthfeel of this versatile production. Muscat Ottonel Extra Dry is another wine that is also often selected, by a good number of devotees. Fine and with elegance are descriptions that I frequently hear attributed to this wine. Gols Prestige Brut is, I would describe, exclusive. This exceptional production has a superb structure, is full-bodied on the mouthfeel and palate sensation, plus it has a splendid finish.

The graceful, elegant bubbles of sparkling wines add something – about life – to the vast number of times this type of wine is enjoyed, whether from the start to the finish of a dining occasion or simply to be drank on their own. These full-bodied, well-structured wines, with typical aromas of fruits, plus ample fruits for the mouthfeels, bring alive the sensations of the palate. Other impressive productions, from Szigeti, include Pinot Blanc Brut and Traminer Brut. Cuvée Tokaji Brut Réserve – widely known as ‘liquid gold’ – always impresses, with a ‘complete’ sensational experience, throughout.

The wine productions from Szigeti have received numerous awards over many years. The winery’s philosophy is ‘Traditional bottle fermentation. Unmistakable fizz. Unique character’. The company continues with its original concept to produce exceptional, outstanding wines, very well presented, that bring pleasure and a wonderful experience to all.

Written by Trevor Langley

Glass of Bubbly

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