Sparkling Rosé Sangria in a Can

14th October 2019

Gozy Sparkling Rosé Sangria

I must admit that there is nothing quite like a wine that is poured from a bottle, the whole experience from studying the label, pulling/popping the cork and then pouring either to decant or straight to the glass is part and parcel of enjoying a good wine. Sparkling wines are even more of a bottle experience in that many of us eagerly await and enjoy the sound of a popping cork, dare I say some even the spraying of the fizz prior to savouring the aromas and flavours.

wine in a pouch shorn

Today though progress and tastes / requirements have changed in that not only can we have screw cap bottles for wines, which have grown massively in popularity despite initial scepticism, we also have the likes of cartons, pouches, plastic goblets and now cans. Mostly the diversion away from bottles is for serving quantity or convenience, a smaller amount needed such as from cans or when a larger amount is required then the likes of pouches / bag in boxes with easy carry designs.

Sparkling wines in a Can – A good idea?

For fine Champagne and sparkling wines, just like any other style of wine, the best place for storage prior to serving many would say is the bottle, it is the form that consumers are used to over centuries and which remains firmly in place today. Cans for wines does not offer longevity neither help the contents mature, it is a very much here and now solution.

It would without doubt never be a solution in which to serve Champagne vintages both taking away the elegance of the wine and undoubtedly the aromas and flavours too – Champagne Dom Perignon 1998 vintage in a can? I do not see that ever making an impact especially if it came with a Best Before date of ‘please drink prior to June 2020’!

Question though is if a sparkling wine in a can is something that consumers will take to as a momentum will then drive demand and ultimately profits for the wineries that adopt this option (a search for ‘wine in a can’ on Google delivers 2.8 billion results). Maybe wine in a can is merely for standard wines only and nothing more than an easy option for holding wine such as for picnics, live events and the accompanying solution when on a quick dash to the supermarket to add to the frozen pepperoni pizza for tonight’s dinner in front of the television.

Gozy Can Wine

Gozy Sparkling Rosé Sangria:

One sparkling wine in a can option is the pink sangria can from Gozy. “A trendy mix of sparkling rosé wine with the summer taste of sangria” as quoted on their website – Stated as being the first in the world to create sparkling sangria in a can and originating from Finnish developers of the sparkling mulled wine glögg, Glöet.

Sangria is obviously a famous and internationally loved drink from Spain (in Spanish ‘bleeding’) is generally a simple to prepare drink consisting of red wine and chopped fruit though can have the likes of spices, brandy and more added to mix things up. Gozy have simply added the bubbles and wine to formulate a new drink that delivers a mixture between a fruity rose and the character flavours from sangria.

Gozy Sparkling Rosé Sangria (Highly Commended Winner Forget Me Not 2019): “It does what it says on the tin, or should I say ‘can’. Do not go expecting wonderful aromas to drool over and of course the flavours can only be good at best rather than an explosion of wonderful expressions. It is simple, fruity, taste explosion of sangria characters, best enjoyed in a glass full of ice with some freshly cut fruits (just like you’d enjoy Sangria). Innovation? Probably… Way forwards? Maybe for basic wines… A winner? That’ll depend on how the buying consumers take to it… Likely though I feel!” Christopher Walkey

Available from Finndeli.



Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.