Sparkling Wine from Australia

6th September 2016


Australia is a vast country and has several different climates. The seasons of Australia are the opposite of ours and the very diverse landscape has many attributes to be proud of. There are very busy cities and beautiful beaches, too.

There are many grape varieties that grow very well indeed in Australia and wonderful wines, of all types, are produced by numerous wineries. A great number of the wineries in Australia have generations of family interests, and so the knowledge and expertise are second to none, in the productions of some of the very finest wines of the world. Australia exports wines globally and their productions are enjoyed by millions, including consumers in the UK.

For this quest, I wanted to identify an Australian wine brand, which is becoming a worldwide favourite. Multi award-winning, Yellow Tail is growing fast and their original mission – to produce wines of great quality, with excellent value for money – is true to this day.  A sparkling success are the Yellow Tail bubbly wines. Having soft, clean aromas and flavours, these productions are very popular too, being chosen by many and are perfect for everyday celebrations. Both the Bubbles NV and the Pink Bubbles NV are light, fresh and crisp, with numerous occasions, coming to mind, where these splendid wines can be enjoyed. These are just some of the wines from the range

Written by Trevor Langley

Glass of Bubbly

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