Spiegelau Glassware

31st May 2014

Experience your wine like never before.

Whether you’re a casual wine lover or a wine connoisseur, if your toast will be for evenings in or grand celebrations, you’ll find a Spiegelau range perfectly suited to you and your style.

With 500 years of experience in producing fine crystal glass, Spiegelau creates individually-designed glasses for specific drinks: accentuating their delicate aromas and preserving their intricate flavours in astounding contrast to regular glasses.

Each Spiegelau glass is designed to perfectly suit its specific wine, enhancing its taste, aroma and appearance through its individual shape, as well as its thinly-blown glass and brilliant crystal clarity.

The individually designed shapes provide a sensory experience like you may never have known, with more depth, flavour and enjoyment from your wine. The thin glass will keep your wine deliciously cool, while the crystal clear clarity means a brighter drink that looks so much more appealing, like watching your champagne bubble in HD.

You may think that such quality glassware is quite delicate, but Spiegelau stemware is certified dishwater safe: after 1500 dishwasher cycles no scratching; markings; loss of brilliance; foggy shadows; change in colour or brilliance; or build-up of water chemicals and residue was found.

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