Spiral Cellars – The Garden Cellar

5th May 2014

Spiral Cellars - The Garden Cellar

Spiral Cellars recently launched the Garden Cellar, combining the newly developed weather-proof External Trap Door with the components of the Original Spiral Cellar, to create a convenient option for Spiral Cellars fans looking to avoid ripping up their beloved flooring. The Garden Cellar is designed to remain watertight and as it is dug into the ground and made up of individual concrete modules, it can be located in almost any garden setting. It is installed by Spiral Cellars’ expert in-house teams and is fitted in exactly the same way as Spiral Cellars’ other cellar packages, but the External Trap Door features a unique drainage system to ensure the cellar remains weather-proof throughout the year.

Spiral Cellars are maintenance-free and, because they are dug into the ground, are space-saving. The Spiral Cellar can be sealed with a range of doors, from the showcase retractable round glass door to the recessed options, which also have the ability to fit seamlessly into any interior scheme.

White Spiral Cellar

Not just an alternative solution to storing wine in the home, the Garden Cellar is also a timely addition to a range of products for the garden entertaining zone, with sophisticated furniture and outdoor kitchen equipment already popular.  Perfect for storing dinner-party wines and those for longer-term cellaring, there is also plenty of room for storing garden tools and equipment, making it the ultimate garden shed.


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