Spiral Cellars – wine room

8th May 2014

Spiral Cellars – wine room

In 2013 Spiral Cellars launched its premium wine room service in the UK. Creating luxurious, temperature-controlled, expertly laid out wine rooms is a natural extension of the Spiral Cellars offering, and it is the company’s experience and knowledge that brings this complete service to the UK for the first time.  Partnering with established Belgian firm Degre 12, Spiral Cellars bridges the gap to give UK clients an effortless experience and a full service package, from the design and interior decoration to the execution of the space itself.

The size of the wine room is limited only by the space where it will be positioned, and can be finished in a range of traditional and contemporary materials specific to the client’s wishes, from oak, wenge and stone to glass and even Corian.  The wine room works not only as effective storage and to present the client’s collection to guests, but also as an opulent space in which to experience the wine, with endless furniture and equipment options for tastings.


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