Spiral Cellars

1st May 2014

Spiral Cellars

Spiral Cellars is the established expert in wine storage for the home, specialising in unique premium wine cellars and bespoke wine rooms.  With a range of outstanding options for its discerning clients across the UK and further afield Spiral Cellars has, for more than 30 years, been leading the way in offering luxurious large-capacity wine storage that fulfils not only a highly functional need, but also looks stunning.

White Spiral Cellar with retractable round glass door

A Spiral Cellar is a watertight cylindrical concrete system that is sunk into the earth through the ground floor and was first developed by Frenchman Georges Harnois in 1977, arriving in the UK in 1981. It is designed to store wine at optimum humidity, temperature and darkness and works by using the earth’s natural attributes and a clever ventilation system. Its position in the ground means the cellar remains at average annual temperatures of between 8°C – 18°C and the ventilation and concrete construction maintain a humidity of approximately 70%, both perfect for storing everyday drinking wines or that case of Burgundy until it is ready to enjoy.

With a diameter of approximately 2m and depths of between 1.35m and 3m available, allowing for between 650 and 1,870 bottles, a Spiral Cellar is the ideal option for the hobbyist or avid collector alike and can easily be customised to the individual home and wine lover.

Original Spiral Cellar

Cellar options include the Mini Cellar with a choice of two depths for up to 770 bottles, the Original Spiral Cellar with five depth options for up to 1,600 bottles, and the White Spiral Cellar in smooth luminous white concrete, which incorporates larger bins in each of its depths to allow for up to 1,870 bottles. The White Spiral Cellar also offers a range of features including LED lighting, wider steps and a range of step tread coverings including leather and slate effect inlays for the wine collector keen to enjoy and share his cellar space.


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