Spring Fling Levels in Sparkling Wines

25th May 2021

Spring Fling Levels in Sparkling Wines 2020

An exciting time of the year for many is spring and especially when we are out and about enjoying our parks and gardens, the flourish of flowers, blossom, foliage and more is a delight of anticipation of things to come ahead in Summer.

Not only are the visual factors there to be enjoyed, but what about those aromas we get from that first mowing of the lawn and freshly cut grass / nettles to the blooming fruit trees delighting us with blossom along with so many other early flowers such as bluebells, daffodils, snowdrops and tulips.

The Spring Fling category of the Glass of Bubbly Awards is exactly what we described above, it’s a young and fresh character wine usually that displays ‘Floral, blossom aromas and flavour that immediately hits the spot‘.

So many wines do exactly that in sharing with us floral characters from rose petals to honeysuckle and countless examples in between. Light in style usually, fresh and crisp and for me, simply perfect for those early spring days when we are busy in the garden with its first burst of life

Trophy Winner ‘Spring Fling’:

IsteničGourmet Rose 2016A ‘take your time over’ wine. Pink floral, flaky pastry, raspberry touch of apricot nose. Elegant and defined flavours showing pink floral, soft citrus, raspberry / dried raspberry, cake dough.

Gold Medal Winners ‘Spring Fling’:

Bisol – Cartizze DOCG dry 2019  “Always a magical Prosecco. Golden fruits, white floral on the nose. Fresh fruit flavours, yellow floral, yellow apple. Smooth and almost silky in style.

Bolney Wine Estate – Classic Cuvée NV MagnumYellow floral, yellow stone fruits, near ripe yellow apples. Fresh and crisp fruit flavours. Yellow floral, yellow fruits with sweet citrus, touch freshly cut grass, herbs and more.

Champagne Faniel & Fils – Oriane BrutSoft sweet citrus, pastry, hints of burnt toast, hazelnut / walnut in aromas. Good acidity levels. Citrus character with subtle flaky pastry / minerals.

Champagne Roger BrunRomancePink blossom and red berry fruit aromas. Fruity flavours mostly red berry including freshly picked strawberry and raspberry. Romance is the name, romance for sure could be the outcome.

Zidanca SlovenecPenina SlovenecFresh garden herbs, cut grass, nettles, lime and a touch of exotic fruits on the nose. Flavours in line with aromas. A green character of exotic, herbs, freshly cut garden nettles, sweet lime and more.


* Free garden/flower clip art image from clipground.com

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.