St. Regis Tradition, Champagne Sabering at Sunset

10th June 2015

St. Regis Tradition, Champagne Sabering at Sunset

Dating back to Napoleon, the art of using a Champagne saber is one of the most theatrical ways to serve sparkling wine.

Experience an unforgettable nightly tradition at the St. Regis!

The Sunset Champagne Ritual at St. Regis celebrates the sunset each day in style with a Champagne sabering. The saberer first gives a brief overview of the ritual’s history, a ritual that dates back to John Jacob Astor’s 1904 founding of the St. Regis New York. This happens at every St. Regis hotel around the world!

The St. Regis Champagne Ritual is a signal the night has started, and it’s become a tradition for the St Regis.

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