Staying with a Grower Champagne during Harvest.

17th September 2015

Staying with a Grower Champagne during Harvest.

It is surely one of the most memorable experiences in the world of wine to be present at the grape harvest in the Champagne region of France. This year we were fortunate enough to be guests of Roger Constant Lemaire Champagne who are located in Villers-sous-Châtillon, a family run grower label with an increasingly recognised label across the UK with international representatives to include in China and USA.

What an amazing region the northern Champagne, Marne Valley, is for it’s wonderful rolling countryside filled with vines and hill top villages and not forgetting the capitals of the wine region, Epernay and Reims on the edge and slightly North respectively.

Epernay Marne Valley


The family members of any Grower Champagne, especially those at Roger Constant Lemaire, welcome you with such warmness despite them being in one of the busiest times of the year. Through all the hard work from picking grapes, unloading the containers or filling out the daily reports for the CIVC, the smiles on faces and willingness to pour you a glass of bubbly shows you the sincere character these people hold to make sure guests are soundly welcome.

Throughout the stay we were with Geri Conroy, UK distributor for the Lemaire family, and we were fortunate to have guided tours from one of the sons of the family, Sebastian, who generously gave tours to include their many hectares of vineyards in the region and the cellars where their Champagne is stored.

We were there when they prepared their Rosé Champagne when that all important moment came that the right colour had been obtained by mixing the red skins of grapes with the juice, the hands to the pump period when time is of the essence to separate the two.

Rosé Champagne Lemaire

A blog is not enough space to really run through all the experience you enjoy during a stay with a Grower Champagne at harvest time, it’s closer to a small book you’d have to write. Fortunately with mobile technology we can not only take phone calls, but also record photos and videos too, here are some moments to enjoy from the trip.

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