Stunning Jewellery Gift Ideas for Champagne Lovers

10th November 2022

How to hold a Glass of Champagne

Sparkling, elegant, bubbly, and with just a touch of class, Champagne is the drink of choice for many people. But you can actually use Champagne as a guide to get your loved one some jewelry. It might not seem like the two are related, but if your lovely lady likes to drink Champagne, chances are she will love to down a glass adorned with these jewels.

Champagne Jewellery Sets
Believe it or not, Champagne is a color and a theme for many jewelry sets. You can find the beige color on plenty of jewelry often with plenty of colored stones to match. Earrings, rings, chokers, necklaces, and more are all available for people who love Champagne and who also want to walk the world in style.

Beautiful Rings
When you drink Champagne, eyes are often drawn to the hand around the stem of the glass and what better to adorn those hands than a sapphire ring? Sapphire rings of the highest quality are beautiful and stunning and they often shine in the low light of a dinner party or Champagne worthy celebration!

Whether you look for a thin band with small sapphires around the ring, or a ring with massive sapphires that will certainly catch a few eyes, a beautiful sapphire ring will shine on your loved one’s hand and will make them look all the more elegant whenever it comes to having a nice Champagne glass!

A Custom Nameplate Necklace
Alright, most of the time Champagne parties are held where people need to know other people’s names. However, instead of ruining the fancy suits and dresses with those boring white “Hello my name is” stickers, you and your loved one can walk into the party all dressed up in these custom gold nameplate necklaces!

These 18-karat gold and rose gold plating over stainless steel necklaces can get your name all glittered up! The company also works in various languages, including Arabic, English, Farsi, Hindi, and Mandarin, so chances are they can make your name and make it look good!

A Birthstone Necklace
Going to all those high events and drinking Champagne, chances are that you are dressed to the nines and need that one little thing to tie your outfit together. A birthstone necklace can be a great accent to any dress or outfit and it can also be a great way to show off the month you were born. Plus, if you hate the month you were born in, then simply get another birthstone and no one will ever know! But at least most of the birthstones are bright, shiny, and work with plenty of color schemes!

Pendant Necklaces
From tarot cards to hearts to other shapes, you can give your loved one a necklace that shows you know more about their interests than the type of Champagne that they like the most! Plenty of pendant necklaces are made out of silver, gold, and other materials that shine and look amazing around the neck of your loved one.

Plus the customizability of these necklaces can be loads of fun because you will have a ton of options to pick from!

Know That Your Loved One Deserves The Finer Things
If your loved one loves Champagne, then you need to understand that they probably adore the finer things. While you can’t put a price on love and affection, you can at the very least spend a bit more to make sure that they look amazing while they drink their drink of choice! And maybe get a few elegant things for yourself, just so you both can match!

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