Successful Summer for English Sparkling Wine

19th August 2016

Successful Summer for English Sparkling Wine

English Wine Producers have announced a successful year in terms of popularity, sales, prizes and exports.

English fizz has performed especially well in terms of sales both to retailers and the public. Waitrose revealed that English sparkling wine was their fastest growing sparkling wine category in the last year, with its sales increasing by 49%. They and several other retailers have also increased their range of English wines, with The Wine Society launching their first private label English sparkling wine.

Restaurants and bars have also increased the range of English wines they offer, with the Ritz notably listing English sparkling wine for the first time in its history.  Head Sommelier Giovanni Ferlito said: ‘I believe these wines beautifully complement the list and it’s exciting to now offer our guests an English sparkling wine option as an alternative to Champagne.’

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