Summer Days Levels in Sparkling Wines

27th May 2021

Summer Days Sparkling Wines 2020

What we are looking for here in our category of ‘Summer Days’ is that sparkling wine which is perfect to be enjoyed outside during those warm Summer days, either in the shade or under the sun, a lazy day style wine:

Does not have to be a complicated wine, will offer a refreshing and crisp tasting experience ideal for accompanying time spent in the sun / shade.Summer Days

Many Champagne and sparkling wines fit this category for me, especially those which perform better that bit more chilled over others, that crisp and refreshing tasting experience with alive with fresh fruitiness.

We put together a tasting of all the Gold Medal Winners within this category from the 2020 Glass of Bubbly Awards along with the overall Trophy Winner. Tastings notes and our opinions are below in our latest video:


Trophy Winner in Summer Days:

PisoniRosé Millesimato TrentodocLight raspberry, cream, pastry nose. Elegant and engaging red fruit flavours with a creamy and zesty edge. Easy to drink, calm and relaxing. Perfect for a Summers Day enjoy a glass of fizz in the sun or the shade.

Gold Medal Winners in Summer Days:

Champagne Goutorbe BouillotNoix Cotaux BrutLemon meringue, touch of hazelnut, white floral on the nose. Fresh and invigorating. Citrus, soft pastry, mineral freshness, clean and almost Alpine character.

Champagne Roger BrunGrand ReserveHearty and bold Champagne. Peach and red apple fruit aromas. Orchard fruits, yellow blossom, soft and sweet citrus flavours.

Vinarstvo RebulaPenina RosaSweet red berry fruit pastry, pink floral on the nose. Soft and ice cream style flavours from strawberry red fruits to raspberry. Easy to drink. Ever so refreshing. Serve well chilled, at least 8°C. Most enjoyable glass of Bubbly.

Zlati GricPenina BelaFruits galore in aromas from pineapple to yellow apple. Silky in style. Fresh and alive with youthfulness. Clean yellow fruits including apricot, peach skin, carambola (star fruit) in flavours.


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Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.