Surplus of Prosecco after Record Harvest

13th November 2015

Surplus of Prosecco after Record Harvest

Fantastic growing conditions have led to the biggest Prosecco harvest to date, producing around 470 million bottles this year.

However, this surplus of Prosecco won’t have any effect on the current prices. The extra bubbly will be stockpiled, ready for later to keep up with the soaring demand.

Production has tripled in the last 6 years, mainly due to more vineyards being planted – now covering 50,000 acres in Italy.

Due the the massive quantity of quality grapes this year, the Consortium raised the yield from 18 to 21.6 tons per hectare. Anything over 18 tons has been stockpiled.

The UK is Prosecco’s biggest export market, consuming around 64.9 million bottles in 2014.


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