Swagger it like Bond; Champagne and Online casinos

20th September 2020

Champagne and Romance - The Perfect Relationship

In his debut as James Bond, Daniel Craig provides the audience with a highly-skilled character in Casino Royale. Craig’s Bond harks back to Connery’s suave original portrayal, but with a hint of more darkness about him. From his classy well-cut suits to the way he conducts himself in high-pressure situations, Craig’s James Bond seems to have it all under control. He brings out this cool, calm and collected image of the super spy even further as he suavely orders his first drink of the movie – a Mount Gay rum with soda. This really sets the luxurious tone for the drinks in Casino Royale. From then on we see him sample champagne, whiskey on the rocks, some exquisite Château Angélus 1982 Premier Grand Cru Classé Saint-Émilion wine and, of course, the Vesper cocktail (gin, vodka, Kina Lillet and lemon anyone?). From first to last, these drinks are both classy and exotic.

The Most Popular Drinks at Casinos

Every land-based casino has one thing in common, there are usually drinks available for players to enjoy while gaming. While players can enjoy the games at Platin Casino online from the comfort of home, there’s no reason not to add that extra touch. Here’s a brief guide to the sort of drinks that could add a sense of classy luxury to your game time. And where better to start than with champagne. Land a big win on your favourite slot and you could be just like Craig’s Bond and order in a bottle of the finest Bollinger Grand Année!

Wine is an alcoholic drink that is made from the juice of grapes. It is produced by fermenting the juice in yeast to produce carbon dioxide, heat, and ethanol. Wine is one of the most popular, and classy, alcoholic drinks. There are different wine flavours and styles and the varieties of wine depend on the type of grapes used. Its price also varies depending on the type of wine you order. So while you can find a cheap wine for a fiver, and something more palatable for £10 to £20, Bond’s Château Angélus 1982 would set you back a few hundred pounds.

Whiskey is another type of alcoholic drink that’s popularly drunk while playing in casinos. Whiskey is made from the fermentation of grain mash, which is then distilled and aged for varying periods. There are many varieties of whiskey and they depend on the type of grain (corn, barley, wheat or rye) used, and whether some are malted or not. While we don’t know exactly which whiskey Craig’s Bond enjoyed on that train ride with Vesper, it was likely to be a single malt. So, order a bottle of your favourite brand and enjoy the real Casino Royale experience from the comfort of home.

With the popularity of online casinos, you don’t need to leave your house to search for a land-based venue. Just get your compatible device, make sure the internet is on and head to your favourite online casino. And what better way to recreate that authentic casino experience than to have a glass of your favourite drink while you play? Whether it’s champagne, whiskey, wine or your favourite cocktail, you can bring the real James Bond Casino Royale mood right where you are. However, don’t forget that these are alcoholic drinks. So, always drink in moderation and gamble responsibly as you enjoy your gaming.

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