Sweet and Spicy Valentine’s Pairings

12th February 2021


Like with many events of the past year, this forthcoming Valentine’s Day may be like no other. It was snowing at the time of writing this article, and I personally couldn’t think of anything I’d like more than spending time indoors and really enjoying the flavours of the suggestions below. Whether you are by yourself or with your partner this Valentines Day, the ideas below work!


Fruit chaat

Admittedly, this can be an acquired taste. Something that I wasn’t too keen on growing up, but now I love. Chickpeas, potato, and whatever fruit seems worth throwing in the bowl mixed with some ‘masala’ and hey presto! Fairly quick to rustle up and quantity to your liking. This makes for the perfect starter and can be eaten the next day if you accidentally make too much!

Pairing: Raimes Classic 2015

Notes: With so many flavours and textures bursting through in this dish, a solid consistent wine like this one helped appreciate the sensations.


Prawn Puri

A few months ago, when I took to social media about this impending article this dish proved the most popular and one that people wanted to see in such an article. Here’s the thing, in the UK, we associate it with a starter in your traditional curry house. It need not be! Whilst a tiny bit of prep is required ahead of time, it’s a quick and easy dish to make that can be done as a shared cooking experience (or not!)

Pairing: Fox & Fox Expression Saignee Rose 2013

Notes: Amazingly, the prawns came out the same colour as the wine which may well have influenced the pairing. Incredibly fizzy, berries on the nose and almost complementing a high tomato, low chilli sauce


Gulab Jamun

It’s made it to the menu again! Truth be told, when I had the Expression in mind, I was toying between a sweet or sour pairing. It was actually my mum (who is getting used to this pairing malarkey) who said, ‘this will go with Gulab Jamun’ so that’s what we did. This syrup sponge ball of delight is just the right amount of sweet to finish up a Valentine’s Day menu.

Pairing: Fox & Fox Expression Saignee Rose 2013

Notes: Beautifully complemented each other, though those with the sweeter tooth may well wish to polish off the pud before returning to the wine!

We hope you enjoy the ideas here and wish you a safe, cosy and fizzy Valentines whether you are indulging in self care or with a loved one!

Author: Rupa Datta – rupa@portfolio-people.com

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